Job purpose

  • Overall responsibility and accountability for a group of clients, acting a as trusted adviser.
  • Being an ambassador for the firm and developing new business, and encouraging and developing directors, associate directors and other senior staff.
  • Ensuring excellent client service whilst minimising conduct risk.
  • Contributing to the management of your department and/or office if relevant.

Key Responsibilities

  • Provide excellent client service at all times and ensure that the customer experience is a priority across your team and that services provided are in line with the group’s Conduct Risk framework.
  • Act as trusted adviser to your clients by fulfilling the requirements of the Exceptional Trusted Adviser profile and competencies.
  • Ensure efficient, high quality pro-active and timely execution of advice and services for your clients.
  • Manage key client relationships.
  • Ensure your clients’ requirements are serviced by members of your team of appropriate seniority, experience and technical ability and with the capacity to do the work to the highest standard.
  • Act for your clients in a professional manner that provides a role model for your team and department.
  • Ensure that client service is delivered within the standards and to the specification set by the relevant HoB and the group’s Treating Customers Fairly (TCF) policy.
  • Act as ambassador for the group, promote and build the Group’s reputation internally and externally.
  • Influence business strategy to ensure decisions are made that put the client first and are commercially viable.
  • Assist your HoD with PR for your field of expertise.
  • Promote cross-selling within the group.
  • Build and cultivate relationships with clients and potential clients of the group.
  • Proactively identify and pursue key targets.
  • Responsible for marketing and business development activities for your field of expertise as agreed with your HoD.
  • Ensure compliance with the group’s internal procedures so as not to expose the group to unacceptable levels of risk.
  • Ensure compliance with the group’s compliance manual and relevant operating procedures and manuals for your business line.
  • Maintain personal technical competence.
  • Take responsibility for and report complaints and potential PI issues for your team/direct reports in line with the group’s complaints procedures.
  • Monitor and manage chargeable hours, utilisation, recoveries, WIP, billing and lock up for you and your team, ensuring where possible lock up is kept to a minimum and clients are billed regularly.
  • Monitor and manage time recording for you and your direct reports and ensure prompt submission of time sheets.
  • Hold regular financial performance reviews with your direct reports in respect of your client portfolio.
  • Inform the HoD promptly of all WIP and bad debt provisions or any other material issues affecting the financial performance of the department.
  • Ensure compliance with the Delegated Authority Limits and any other relevant policies in respect of WIP and debtor management.
  • Act as an effective leader in accordance with the Exceptional Leader profile and competencies.
  • Responsible for the effective day to day management of direct reports.
  • Conduct annual development reviews (ADRs) for your direct reports.
  • Act as mentor and help to develop talent and trusted advisers in line with the talent programme.
  • Ensure that your own high standards of technical and professional competence are maintained and are developed for other members of your team/direct reports.
  • Ensure that you help to develop strong management and leadership skills in your direct reports.
  • Ensure your direct reports are developed in accordance with their ADRs and talent development plans.
  • In conjunction with your HoD, manage, counsel and develop your direct reports with a view to maximising their work potential (in terms of their skills, knowledge and experience, management style and client care).

Key Performance Indicators

  • Work under your control and direction: it is expected that, unless contributing significantly to management, a partner should be responsible for a client portfolio currently set at €750,000 per annum (but subject to review annually).
  • Chargeable hours: it is expected that, unless contributing significantly to management, a full-time Director should regularly record at least 800-900 chargeable hours per annum.
  • A Director should be making a significant measurable contribution to the ‘home’ department as well as the wider group.
  • Full details of the key financial performance indicators are included within the financial section of the balanced scorecard.

Cultural Values

  • You put the client first and focus on delivering the right solutions.
  • You deliver excellent customer service.
  • You are trustworthy and provide good performance with integrity.

Key Competencies

  • Customer focus –core to your role is to provide an excellent service to clients.
  • Judgement – the firm relies on your judgement in the services supplied to clients. This has to be delivered as per the client’s needs, technically excellent, commercial and on time.
  • Technical expertise – strong technical leadership and maintaining your technical competence is critical to ensuring clients receive an excellent service.
  • Networking – you are skilled at developing and growing relationships in the wider market and leveraging these to create opportunities for the business.
  • Communication – you communicate both verbally and in writing in an engaging and purposeful manner.
  • Leadership - as a partner and trusted adviser, you will help drive and lead a culture of continuous development, be able to identify future talent and trusted advisers, and act as mentor and sponsors.